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In our 45th year, and in celebration of 70 years of action learning, IFAL is proud to present a special series of events exploring the many and varied forms of action learning practiced around the world today. Join an international audience and learn how action learning has evolved and prospered since Professor Reginald Revans introduced this robust and adaptable concept to management training.

Upcoming events

    • 14 Sep 2022
    • 11:00 - 12:30 (UTC)
    • Online in Zoom

    is proud to present the fourth event in our series
    'International Varieties of Action Learning: Origins and Practices'

    The World Institute of Action Learning’s (WIAL) Approach to Action Learning: Today and Beyond

    by Chuck Appleby

    Celebrating 70 years of action learning 45th year of the International Foundation for Action learning

Past events

27 Jul 2022 In-Plant Action Learning with George Boulden
27 Jun 2022 Critical action learning – facilitation when complex emotions and power dynamics shape learning in organizations
25 May 2022 Co-development Action Learning and Its Impact in and Beyond the Francophone World
20 Apr 2022 IFAL in Conversation with Mike Pedler, Ann Mahon and John Edmonstone
23 Feb 2022 Cafe IFAL - How do cultural norms affect how we practice Action Learning?
8 Dec 2021 IFAL in Conversation with John O'Neil
3 Nov 2021 IFAL Presents: Action Learning and the Learning-Driven Business
3 Nov 2021 IFAL AGM 2021
22 Sep 2021 IFAL in Conversation: Transcending the Role: Personal Transformation of Action Learning Facilitators
21 Jul 2021 How can we ensure the learning of the set can have the widest impact in the organisation?
9 Dec 2020 IFAL's Second Global Dialogue
2 Dec 2020 Cafe IFAL - Action Learning & the Circular Economy
20 Oct 2020 IFAL Global Dialogue Series
16 Sep 2020 Cafe IFAL - Developing 21st Century skills through Action Learning
29 Jun 2020 Cafe IFAL - What is Business Driven Action Learning (BDAL) and Why Did I Develop It?
10 Jun 2020 IFAL Post Covid 19 Global Connection Series
13 May 2020 Coming together & Supporting each other
27 Apr 2020 Coming together & Supporting each other
14 Apr 2020 Coming together & Supporting each other
30 Mar 2020 Cafe IFAL - Are you seduced by content?: Balancing the 'doing' and the process in Action Learning.
26 Feb 2020 Annual General Meeting & Virtual Networking Event
12 Dec 2019 Cafe IFAL - Managing the Dilemmas Faced by Action Learning Set Facilitators
12 Sep 2019 Cafe IFAL - The Future of Action Learning is Virtual
10 Jun 2019 Cafe IFAL - Does AL need a facilitator?
19 Nov 2018 Annual General Meeting
19 Nov 2018 Cafe IFAL


IFAL in Conversation is a new style of live online event that connects the best current Action Learning thinking, writing or practice, from around the world in an engaged informal format.

The event lasts 90 minutes and take place on the Zoom platfrom. This includes time for the Conversation, Q&A with the audience, followed by small breakout rooms for reflection and further discussion. The event will be recorded and made available to IFAL members in the Resources area of the IFAL website.

Practitioner Workshops

The Café IFAL virtual discussion forum is a place where Action Learning practitioners can share their experiences of using Action Learning in real situations. Everyone who comes along is encouraged to contribute to the debate in an informal ‘café’ atmosphere. The purpose of the forum is to join together to create, develop, and support communities of Action Learning practitioners around the world, and to learn and share with each other.

The format of this virtual event includes a brief presentation of a particular piece of Action Learning practice, followed by open discussion where we share related experience and create opportunities to learn with and from each other.

Sessions last 90 minutes and take place on the Zoom platform.  

Numbers are limited to 20 people. 

Costs are £10 for members and £20 for non-members. 

All fees go towards hosting further events

Our next Cafe IFAL: Practitioners Workshop will be announced soon.

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