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IFAL was first established 1977 as the ‘Action Learning Trust’. Its purpose was “To advance the education of the public with particular reference to education by Action Learning”. In 1984 the Action Learning Trust became The International Foundation for Action Learning and is a registered charity in the UK.

IFAL has a history and context with values, relevancy, pragmatic approach and linkages to mentoring, coaching and appreciative inquiry, all of which are central to change and learning. It strives to be an intimate network with soul that appeals to a broad spectrum of Action Learning practices – both in the UK and internationally.

Since 1977 IFAL has become a key source of information and support for those who practice and those who are simply interested in knowing more about Action Learning.

IFAL encourages the use of Action Learning through:

Meetings, Conferences and Workshops– IFAL membership enables you to exchange information, develop your skills and highlight successes and problems in the application of Action Learning. The design of our meetings is always participative following a key principle of Action Learning, that people learn best with and from other people who are also learning.

Virtual events - We are experimenting with new ways of networking, sharing knowledge and developing practice. Virtual events such as Cafe IFAL encourage and enable international communities of practice. If you want to know more about CafĂ© IFAL contact

Sharing Information – responding to requests and promoting discussion via the IFAL group at LinkedIn. Members can also contact IFAL at

The Library – IFAL has over 1000 items of writings about Action Learning, many of which are not available elsewhere. (Please note: the library is currently being rehoused, email us for further details).

An Action Learning Network – With members in the UK and internationally, IFAL creates a network of people who wish to develop their own and others’ knowledge and practice of Action Learning.

IFAL Values and Behaviours


  • Be Inquisitive and open-minded
  • Be open to learning, new ideas and challenges
  • Seek out evolving and innovative ways to IFAL’s work
  • Welcome, imagine and co-create the future whilst honouring the past
  • Move from curiosity to action in a timely and focussed fashion


  • Be responsible for our actions
  • Take action consistent with our values and beliefs
  • Stand up for what we believe in
  • Speak the truth as it seems to us
  • Say what we do and do what we say


  • Be honest and transparent in communication,
  • Foster and adopt a trusting relationship
  • Listen to each other to build understanding
  • Work diligently and meet deadlines
  • Hold each other accountable



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Registered Office: Gravelly Bridge Farmhouse, Grazeley Green Road, Grazeley, Reading, RG7 1LG, UK

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