Members offering Action Learning Facilitator Training

If you are looking for Action Learning Facilitator training, we have invited  IFAL members who provide their services on a consultancy basis to post their details here for a small fee.

Here are some suggestions of what to look for in Action Learning facilitator training:

  • Is the training experiential, with opportunities to practice and to receive good quality feedback?
  • Does the organisation have a good track record in delivering Action Learning?
  • Does an external body validate the course? If so, which one and how is the course validated?
  • Does the course content and the provider’s description of Action Learning match what you are looking for?
  • How are course participants selected for the course, e.g. do participants need to have previous experience of facilitation, coaching or Action Learning?
  • Will the provider allow you to contact previous participants, to get their perspectives on the course?
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If you are an IFAL member and would like more information about advertising on the IFAL website please contact us.

Please note: IFAL does not sponsor, endorse or recommend particular training providers. Enquirers should satisfy themselves that the training provider will meet their requirements. There are some suggestions of what to look for when thinking about facilitator training below.

Action Learning Associates

If you’re looking to train as an action learning facilitator, the ILM endorsed Professional Development Programme in Action Learning Facilitation provided by Action Learning Associates will provide all the hands-on experience and training you need to attain your desired credentials. We work with individuals and organisations in the public, private and 3rd sector, delivering our programme face to face in the UK and virtually to international organisations. Past participants speak highly of our training, you can read their comments here. We’re taking bookings now for forthcoming course dates or if you have any questions please get in touch.

Carter Hall Associates

With over 10 years’ experience of training facilitators for over 30 organisations, CHA is a recognized provider of the ILM Endorsed ‘Professional Development Programme in Action Learning Facilitation’.  Delegates learn through hands-on practice, gaining confidence to successfully run their own Action Learning Sets.  They also gain an understanding of group processes and links with coaching and reflective practice. Courses are carefully tailored to the context, for example, social work, NHS or Further Education.

Comments include “The training has given us a lot of confidence”, “I now feel fully prepared to introduce Action Learning” and “They showed great expertise as trainers”.