At IFAL we aim to provide access to resources that promote and enable action learning.  Let us know what else should be here.

Reg Revans talking about Action Learning (DVD) available to purchase from IFAL
Dr Joanna Kozubska, Vice President, International Management Centres, introduces one of the earliest films of Professor Reg Revans – talking about Action Learning to Dr Gordon Wills, then Principal of IMC.  Filmed in 1984, Revans explains the origins, details and applications of Action Learning.  This archive footage provides an opportunity to hear Revans himself explaining his thinking and ideas (view a video clip). Over the years the theory and practice of Action Learning has developed – this film provides a clear statement of where it all began (Running time: 18mins 50secs.  PAL and NTSC formats available).

DVD Format

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IFAL Library
The IFAL library is a unique collection of over 1000 articles and books on Action Learning. For minimal charge, the Administrator will supply hard copies of the complete list of items and a short list of particularly important practice-related publications (£5) and copies of articles (£1.25). (please note some articles are not suitable for copying because of length or condition of original, the Administrator will advise on receipt of individual requests).

Please note: the library is currently being rehoused and we will let you have further news on access to it via the e-Newsletter.

Electronic copies of the list (in Excel or Access) are available free of charge to paid-up members on request to the Administrator: email

The librarian welcomes new items for inclusion in the library , please send copies of any articles or reports on action learning you have written to the Administrator in the first instance.

Books about Action Learning
The ABC of Action Learning by Reg Revans, Lemos & Crane 1978
Action Learning for Managers by Mike Pedler, Lemos & Crane 1996
Action Learning in Practice ed. Mike Pedler, 3rd ed. Gower 1997
Action Learning by Krystyna Weinstein, 2nd ed. Gower 1999
The Action Learning Handbook by Ian McGill & Anne Brockbank, RoutledgeFalmer 2004
Action Learning: History and Evolution by Yury Boshyk and Robert Dilworth, Palgrave Macmillan 2010