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IFAL is a charity committed to creating, supporting and encouraging a network of practitioners and enthusiasts who are introducing, developing and extending the work of action learning to a wide variety of audiences in the UK and worldwide.

IFAL has a history and context with values, relevancy, pragmatic approach and linkages to mentoring, coaching and appreciative inquiry all of which are central to change and learning.

It strives to be an intimate network with soul that appeals to a broad spectrum of Action Learning practices – both in the UK and internationally.

 Your £55 Individual Annual IFAL Membership gives you:

  1. Reduced rates for events and conferences as much as 25% to 30% off – that’s the equivalent of a £100 on some events – events where you can develop your skills and highlight successes and problems in the application of Action Learning in a participatory environment so you can learn together – with and from other people who are also learning. Note that IFAL events are normally held in the UK.  If you are based outside the UK we would be delighted to arrange an event in your country, please ask for details.
  2. Access to a range of SPECIAL OFFERS – right now there is a massive reduction in subscription fee to the journal Action Learning: Research and Practice – a saving of over £69 per annum normally…and a big discount on the cost of a recently digitised film of Reg Revans himself talking about Action Learning and its attributes
  3. Use of the IFAL logo in your publicity and on your website and an opportunity for you to advertise your business on the IFAL website for FREE
  4. A quarterly e-letter worth £27 per annum (and access to past copies too), where you can share your ideas and experiences and spread news and views about the use of Action Learning and its development with other members – it includes listings of Action Learning related events, book reviews, services and reports of conferences and it also promotes discussion through correspondence and articles
  5. The chance for you to promote your Action Learning events via the IFAL quarterly e-letter for FREE
  6. And coming soon, access to a small (but growing!) IFAL Library, which has writings and articles about Action Learning
  7. The ability for you to tap into an Action Learning Network – with members in the UK and internationally who wish to develop their own and others’ knowledge and practice of Action Learning.

We have a LinkedIn group (just search for IFAL) which gives you an online forum to discuss all things action learning related with more than 600 other group members.  And we’ve  embraced the world of social media with a YouTube Channel, IFAL Twitter account and Facebook page.

Join now and reap the benefits.

Individual membership costs £55 a year and runs from 1 August to 31 July. If you are applying after 1 August we will charge a pro rata amount.

IFAL Individual membership

For alternative payment methods, please download/complete an Individual application form.

Corporate membership costs £275 a year and runs from 1 August to 31 July. You and up to five of your colleagues can join IFAL together and save money on individual subscriptions – AND you get all the benefits (see above) of individual membership. If you are applying after 1 August we will charge a pro rata amount.

IFAL Corporate membership

For alternative payment methods, please download/complete a Corporate application form.